Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse


December 4th, 2:44 AM EST


Powerful, freeing cosmic meetings. Another door opens when one closes. Dropping old habits.


'Be fully you. Be with you. Be with your body. Healthy beginnings are equally important as healthy endings.'

December 4th, 2021 will see the last New Moon of the year, according to the Tropical Zodiac. The New Moon will rise in Sagittarius and fill us with enthusiasm, optimism and joy over the next month.

The eclipse is both an ending and a beginning, like all things are. Where the New Moon Solar Eclipse energy shows us that this is the opening of a brand-new chapter, we are also reaching the end of this specific Eclipse cycle. 

Solar Eclipses are said to be portals from the higher dimensions opening to the Earth as a response to her asking, and as a response to what is needed for the next stage of evolution of the collective consciousness. 


On the emotional side, this period is characterized by tranquility and focus. Good spirits will be staying with us, we feel psyched up and are filled with energy for new achievements. 

The Sagittarius new moon is the time to lay down your aims in relation to how you explore the world and find inspiration. If you had a personal mission statement, what would it be? 

Maybe you are ready to develop a philosophy, to explore the world through travel, to learn, or even teach. The purpose of Sagittarius is to select and set goals for the future. During these days, it is good to think about your development for the next year, weigh your prospects and make plans. This New Moon will notably make some revelations -- keep an eye for them in random situations, literary pieces, and mysterious hints. These hints may appear as coins, songs, or even feathers.

Communication during the season of Sagittarius is trouble-free: it is easy for us to make new acquaintances and have fun with old friends. Romantic relationships will shine in new colors, but an ex partner is likely to try and get into contact with you. This is not the best period to try and resolve past, or ongoing conflicts.

The following month is also an excellent time for learning. Moreover, you will be equally great as a student and a mentor. Feel free to share your expertise and be open to new experiences. In terms of creativity, focus on group activities.

Show persistence. Now is the time that you could potentially be promoted at work, whether it is your dream goal or not. However, the key to success is to really enjoy the process, be engaged and actually interested. 

To activate the fiery energy of Sagittarius, I suggest you take up a physical activity. Whether it be dancing, running, or even just walking more than you're used to. Keep your body in motion with curious, excited Sagittarius!
December 03, 2021 — Andrea Minniti

Taurus Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse


November 19, 4:05 AM EST

Moon Theme:

Power, Transformation, Sexuality, & Shadow

Taurus Full Moon Illumination:

‘I am mindful of energy exchange between myself and others, I give and receive openly’

A partial lunar eclipse can be observed when only part of the Moon's surface is obscured by the Earth's umbra. Eclipses help us come into greater alignment and are the portals for transformation. The Full Moon is a reminder to celebrate your progress. Have you been working hard at one particular project lately? Maybe you have come a long way in your own personal journey, which deserves to be celebrated.

This Taurus full moon has a strong focus on what we truly value in our daily lives. What is, or is not working in accordance to the level of value it holds in our hearts? Where have we devalued something that may be necessary to our survival? What do we need to let go of and readjust our energy around that has been previously exploited or neglected? What needs to be moved so we can thrive more?

Notice the small and big ways in which you've shown forgiveness and transformed during this moon cycle or even the past year.

Lunar Eclipses supercharge the powerful energy of the Full Moon. The full moon in Taurus marks the time when your personal transformation comes into full view. Notice your progress in this moon cycle or over the past year. If there is room for more emotional release, feel it fully. This is a great time to express yourself.

Be aware that tempers can be explosive and this may not be a comfortable process for many, but there can be an equal amount of surprising kindness, love and beauty. Being compassionate and understanding is always helpful during eclipses. Remember that how we react and what we exchange now can have lasting effects in heightened moments. 

Experience transformation and forgiveness in a way that can free up more energy for the new things that you are ready to introduce into your life. Let the practical Taurus energy help you understand what is truly sustainable and what has got to change. 


Full Moon Ritual:

Take a meditative and cleansing bath. Fill the bath with essential oils and cleansing Epsom salts. Meditate your affirmations. Meditate on what you will let go of in the next phase.