Capricorn New Moon

 January 2nd, 1:32 PM EST



‘I grow at my own pace with compassion, I rewrite the systems that no longer serve me.'
Together with the new calendar year comes a New Moon. According to the tropical zodiac, the New Moon will be in the sign of hard-working and persevering Capricorn starting January 2, 2022. 
The Capricorn new moon is the time to lay out new intentions. Before you can set new goals, it's important to know how you want to feel. As you craft your new moon intentions and goals, think about how you want to feel as you work, not just what you think you should do. For example, do you want to feel in alignment, filled with ease, productive, enthusiastic, or creative? Be specific.
Ask yourself: How do you want to feel at work? What are your work and life goals?
The astrological backdrop for the New Moon can be considered safe and trouble-free: while rampant Saturn and Uranus affect developments at the level of society, the personal planets form nothing but harmonious aspects. 
While in Capricorn, the New Moon favors any endeavor related to growth and acts as an incredible source of inner strength that we can benefit from. In the coming days, think about what you would like to achieve in the new year and set yourself global goals. Remember that the energy of Capricorn is in its tenacity: your goals will call for significant efforts that you will have to make, but the result will exceed all expectations.
Stay cautious in your relationships with close people: the energy of Venus retrograde is just beginning the ascent to its peak. Try to protect yourself from any negativity, pay heed to your own emotions and enjoy pleasant little things as often as you possibly can. Seek to be gentle with your loved ones: avoid excessive criticism and feel free to show your affection and care. 
When meeting with friends, choose practical things: have dinner together, attend a workshop.
After the holidays, be sure to get back to your work routine as soon as possible: in the coming month, those who do not laze around will have a great chance of promotion.
And remember that great accomplishments are achieved not by sheer effort, but by perseverance.
January 02, 2022 — Andrea Minniti