Strength & Courage Ritual Kit


Find Strength & Courage within yourself. Ritual Kits are perfect for gifting or for personal use. A great way to find Strength & Courage in a certain situation or are just performing some energy cleansing in your space. Tiger's Eye promotes prosperity, courage, confidence & luck. This Kit can be used more than once with any crystal.


Gold Ritual Candle

Black Ritual Candle Holder

Palo Santo, Lavender & Selenite Bundle

Aura Mist

Tiger's Eye Tumbled Stone

Gold Feather

Abalone Shell

Bay Leaves


Ritual Guide

Palo Santo is one of the most fragrant woods in the world creating a soothing aromatherapy experience in your space whenever it is lit. (All Palo Santo sticks used are ethically sourced from naturally fallen trees in Peru. NEVER forcefully cut.)