Crystal Clearing Kit


Crystals need cleansing! When you take your crystals with you to other places or use them in rituals for others, they can pick up all sorts of energy. A great way to cleanse your favorite crystals is with Selenite.

Simply place your crystals in the shell with the Selenite Wand over it. Use Sage to give your crystals an extra boost of purification. 

Selenite is a metaphysical breath of fresh air. Selenite is one of few crystals that actually cleanse the energy of other crystals and stones. Beyond that, selenite can also purify the vibes of objects and even auras. It’s also sold in plate form, so you can rest objects, crystals, and stones on top of it for energetic purification. 

Abalone shells are fundamentally used as an expression of healing Ocean energy (that’s why we always feel better at the water’s edge!) Using Abalone generates a feeling of peace, calm and being “right” with Nature. It has the ability to off load worries and cares, and transform negative energy into a positive uplifting mood.


Selenite Wand: 8 in.

Abalone Shell: 4-5 inches 

Sage with White Flowers